Workforce Analysis


Workforce analysis will unite all your workforce, headcount, non-workforce (students, trainees, apprentices etc.) numbers along with interactive drill-down capability into dimensions such as company, geolocation and org structure.


Current and historical workforce, "over-time" trends and analysis, and more..

Compensation Analysis


Compensation analysis deep dives into salary, pay grade, career level changes. See how much your organization is spending globally on salaries and benefits. Perform currency rate and geolocation analysis on compensations. Help directors and managers with their budget planning by providing accurate and real-time compensation reports and dashboards.

Recruitment Analysis


Recruitment analysis focuses not only on traditional hire/termination values, but also internal moves in your organization.


See how your departments are changing and evolving in time. Provide company directors and managers personalized views of their teams. Analyze your HR's recruitment efficiency.

Training and Succession Analysis


Need to see insights on training you provide to your employees? Trained Hours, Trained Employees, Courses, Classes... How much of that training is related to 'Gateway' into your company, how does it correlate to your hires, terminations, etc.