Usage-based Insurance (UBI)

PAYD - Pay As You Drive
PHYD - Pay How You Drive
MyDriving delivers for UBI companies:
  • Exceptional high data quality
  • Precise risk assessment powered by Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Low cost monthly fees per driver
    • As low as $4.99/m
  • Fastest delivery to market 
    • Deployment in 24hrs guranteed
  • Private cloud infrastructure
  • Immediate access to driving patterns and insights

Ride-sharing / Carpooling

Don't miss any detail for a single trip:
  • Distance traveled
  • Trip Duration
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Trip Cost
  • Start and Finish addresses
  • Trip Idling %
  • Engine Runtime / Load
  • Speed / RPM

Driving Academies and DriveTest

Replay test drives to help new drivers get better and safer:
  • Driving Score
  • Hard Brakes
  • Hard Accelerations
  • Speeding
  • Full Stops
  • Trip Idling %

Everyday drivers

Start building your 'driving' history from today
Save up to 40% with usage-based insurance