Find out your driving style

Become a smarter and safer driver.
Find out your driving profile.

Save your trips

Establish your personal driving history and store in the cloud.

Access your past trips - anytime, anywhere!

Replay past trips to analyze driving behaviour.

Improve your driving

Be a better driver with the help of IoT and Machine Learning.
Get tips on how to improve your driving and save both on gas and insurance.

Know your daily commutes better

  • Distance, duration, cost
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Road construction
  • Stop signs
  • Traffic Lights
  • Schools
  • Idling Points

Trip Details

Points of Interest (POIs)

Get insights into certain driving behaviors and where they happened. 
  • Full STOPs
  • Crawling Traffic
  • Speeding points
  • Hard Stops
  • Hard Accelerations

Auto-Record your trips

Auto-Record functionality will allow you to save your trips, without the need to interact with the app.
  • No SIM card needed!
  • Zero distraction!
  • Starts recording when engine starts
  • Saves your trip when engine stops
  • A must-have for:
    • Ridesharing / Carpooling
    • Fleet Management
    • Taxi Owners and Drivers
    • Sharing vehicle with friends and family

Ease of Use

Autonomous connectivity and hassle-free setup
Once you launch the app, it will automatically connect to OBD2 adapter within 15 sec. Even if the engine is not running!
Just plug the OBD2 dongle and you are good to go!

Obsessive Engineering

We are obsessed with exceptionally high data quality and precision.
For ex: 36km/h = 10 meters/sec
In city driving, lots can happen in 1 sec and within 10 meter range.
That's why MyDriving works with 300 millisecond data frequency, so no driving detail is missed!